Owain’s Butchers offer a range of Seasonal Game including:

  • Venison (Haunch Joint, Diced, Braising, Steaks, On or Off the Bone)
  • Pheasant (Each or Brace)
  • Partridge
  • Woodcock
  • Pigeon (Whole Bird or Breast)
  • Boneless Stuffed Pheasant (See counter for options)
  • Grouse
  • Mallard

Season Diary

Out of Season we have a range of Game available from the Freezer.

Season chart from

Pheasant Oct 1st – Feb 1st
Partridge Sept 1st – Feb 1st
Grouse Aug 12th – Dec 10th
Ptarmigan Aug 12th – Dec 10th
Blackgrouse Aug 20th – Dec 10th
Snipe Aug 12th – Jan 31st
Jack Snipe Protected**
Woodcock Oct 1st – Jan 31st
Woodcock (Scotland) Sept 1st – Jan 31st
Duck & Goose (Inland) Sept 1st – Jan 31st
Duck & Goose (Below High Water Mark) Sept 1st – Feb 20th
Coot/Moorhen Sept 1st – Jan 31st
Gloden Plover Sept 1st Jan 31st
Curlew Protected**
Hare Cannot be sold March-July